Referring Physicians

Thank you for your continued support and entrusting your patients to our care. At Fort Lauderdale Retina Institute, we offer the latest treatment options to your patients as well as clinical trials. We remain committed to meeting your needs and those of your patients. We will maintain communication with you and send you a complete report of the treatment they received and return them to your care as soon as possible.

We hope you take a moment to scan our web site and sign up for monthly newsletter and stay informed about our Continuing Education meetings as well as various other events we hold through out the year. As always you may call our office, our practice coordinator (Dana) or one of the doctor’s directly. We look forward to working with you.

Main Office

Tel: (954) 772-3337
Fax: (954) 772-2033

West Office

Tel: (954) 741-5555
Fax: (954) 572-6958